Conflict warrior !

03-04-2019 : 02:07:56

Ramesh Pokale the leader of Society, Social issues and the organization and the leadership of his own personality, Without any family background in politics, politics is a common misconception but it is a satisfying picture that Ramesh Pokale looking at the good and bad man himself , is a wealthy politician who knows the poor workers even when he is not very rich . Ramesh Bhau however is only interested in politicians while promoting many to earn money.
The skill development training programme is not money but also good students but they have earned them, many students in a rural areas have brought in the media , raised many free education and this is the only institution giving 50% discount to rural students while addressing the post of chairman of the universities chair Development Committee Member he raised many question . the borther have big share in briging BJP MLA’S , District Bank , Zilla Prashida as the District Prisedent according to the verse karmanya Vastrashasta they are moving forward not expecting any fruit.
Ramesh Bhau is a beautiful combination of Rhetoric dedication and leadership hence they are Ajatashatru . the work of Maratha mahasangh was started in 1992-93 in Beed district , various question of Maratha Community where being brought to the table through Maratha Darbar and there was a face of the team that did this , Ramesh Bhau’s face was in the team , in the absence of any political background a person from the family was dragged into Social service and during the Social work the Organization was built A class recognization , Ramesh Bhau is found in any villiage in the district politics of people who do not have any political background are usually out of bounds hence his loyalty doesn’t always get justice in Ramesh Bhau political journey , but Ramesh Bhau has shown the attitude being in the position where we are and working for the responsibility hence he has achived many successes in politics which was different from him but he has earned people in the society , worked hard and added people , he has tried to make the students of general family in the education field or they have the temperament to join the youth through politics.
Ramesh Pokale has certainly successded in doing all this in a difficult situation , dispite the opposite condition , the districts of which the foundation of poltics is different. It is not easy to take such a year as district prisetdent BJP in that district but Ramesh pokale has shown by working there should be reason for working towards it and the nature of everybody to do the same , such a person who has come from such a movement should have the intention to achive the same wish.

Today, Ramesh Bhau is seen in the hollows as an extraordinary leader of the common man, he grained Social prestige only on the goodness of the calm , the tempered nature and the tiredness politics and goodness are to conflicting things But they combined both of them together . not only that ,they are not enemies but I donot belive that they are enemies , because many people have jalsi tandencies in politics eat (kahar)on them . but they take this kind of pleasure to the people who are going to burn them and walk on the path of goodness .
What ever the problem , many people today have their own views as an answer or alternative means Bhau. In the blood of the brother in the blood of student’s etc. they have worked hard to shade tears of sad ness in the eyes of commoners and to cut the throuns aside graduate students degree certificate is the leader of first time home base student’s . Reconizing the true brother over fifteen years bhau is now active in upper politics but even today the new generation students and youth feel that the are yours , because after going to the university the minister also seat and vice chancllu' s brothers they getup and give hospitality , I could help him three and half lakh rupees from his fundamental height and MP fund only because of his brouther if some one has an oratory in politics ,then some has a Kurta and leader ship the brother also have the ability to teach rhetoric leadership..we the people of Beed District convey our best regards to his struggled efforts and wish him a major victory in his future political career
Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra